Face search online has become so common now that we have accepted it as part of our day-to-day life. While most of us relate it with our phones, for unlocking the device or sorting images, its use as a surveillance tool has grown rapidly. Today, search engines have advanced to search photos by face. Not surprisingly, the facial recognition market is projected to hit USD 12.67 billion by 2028. 

Facial recognition search technology has also gained a lot of interest from the market players. With over 100 face recognition websites, some of them the biggest in the search industry, users have a plethora of choices to pick up their favorite.  Using AI (artificial intelligence),  facial recognition technology helps to find a face match by reading their facial features for search by face image. 

A face search online takes mere seconds to throw up the results. You can upload the photo and in no time get a grid of similar photos for the facial recognition image search.  Some face recognition websites provide similar search functions, while few vary. For instance, there are websites which do not scan social media sites while performing image searches. On the other hand, a few websites perform facial recognition reverse image search really well. 

We have curated a list of the 7 best facial search engines for you to help you narrow down on image search online. 

 7 of the best facial recognition search engines in 2022

  1. Google Image Search

Other than searching with a keyword you can also do image searches. The Google Image search has a camera icon, which allows you to drag and drop an image or upload it directly. You can also paste the image link for search. 

Google is also the longest-running facial recognition reverse image search tool. 

Specifically, for faces, you use Google by custom coding. When you go to the image search page, key in your query and press Enter. Then add “&imgtype=face” to the search URL or before the string which begins with &. The face recognition option is also available in Google Photos. 

  1. Bing Image Search

Similar to Google, Bing Image Search can provide you with the results by uploading the image or URL. It provides results in multiple tabs, naming it ‘Pages with this’ or ‘Similar images’. Bing lets you filter the photos and the results are shown as full image URL, image metadata, thumbnails, or publishing information. 

  1. Pinterest 

With Pinterest, you can perform a reverse image search. You can begin by pinning the Pinterest image or uploading one. Thereafter, click on the pin and then magnifying glass at the bottom of the image. The result will throw up images with similar pins. You can also select a single image from a group photo by selecting the area, or just a portion of the image. 

  1. TinEye

TinEye is also popular for reverse image search, and works as most others do. You can paste the URL or upload an image. The process is much simpler, you just upload the image and select the arrow icon. It is one of the best tools for face search online and the results even show the location of the image. 

  1. Berify

With its proprietary facial recognition image search, Berify automates the search by face image. Further, it also helps to find out videos that match the image search. The algorithm lets you search for images without many restrictions and as an added bonus also aids in finding out if someone stole your photo.

  1. PimEyes

PimEyes focuses on face and image recognition scanning 10 million websites. The good thing is, you can use four photos for search at once. It is fast and works great for celebrity photos. The website also provides notifications to premium users in case of a new image for the search.  

  1. Yandex

The most popular search engine in Russia, Yandex, also offers face search online.  You can search photos by face with its advanced algorithm that is fast akin to a keyword search. The search functionality considers only uploading  images to its server. It does not have the option of a URL-based search.


Face recognition technology has made deep inroads, thanks to the latest advancements and ease of use.  You can use any face recognition website online or applications like Amazon Rekognition. There are many tools but you need to identify the trustworthy ones. Authorities and government agencies also use facial recognition to uncover identity thefts, document fraud, and copyright infringement, among others. With its varied application across domains, face search online is here to stay.   

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Can you search for a person by photo?

Yes, you can. Using your phone, computer, or any other device, you can either perform an online face search or use an application for facial recognition.

How can I find someone on social media using their picture?

You can use image search websites to find out someone on social media. They give you various options such as dragging and dropping an image into the search bar. Or click on the image and thereafter the search icon.

Can you use facial recognition to find someone’s identity?

Yes, the application of facial recognition technology lets you identify images with the same face or find out an image in real time.