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Challenges with Existing Solutions

  • Low face match accuracy results in increased manual reviews, false rejection rates, false acceptance rates, & operational costs.
  • AI not trained in diverse facial variation might not be sensitive to minute facial changes and can result in low accuracy.
  • Active liveness that requires user to record 2-3 sec video causing user drop-offs.
  • Outsourced solutions may lack the agility to promptly update against the latest fraud tactics, resulting in dependencies and slower responsiveness to your evolving needs.
API Challenges

What We Offer

  • Face Match: This module includes face match between ID and selfie and picture quality checks. HyperVerge’s proprietary software has the industry's best accuracy for face match & liveness accuracy.
  • Passive Liveness: Accurate liveness detection with a single selfie, eliminating complex gestures.
  • Face Quality Checks: Real-time detection of blur, masked faces, multiple faces, closed eyes, no face, etc.
API Challenges

Input and Output

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