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Hyperverge ALM

Protect your bottom line and reputation

Avoid fines worth $8 billion by becoming compliant using AML screening.

Hyperverge ALM

Anticipate, adapt and succeed

Don’t be a victim of financial crime. Prioritize AML compliance today.


Hyperverge ALM

Global sanctions and watchlists check

1000+ Checks, 100% Compliance.

Hyperverge ALM

Politically Exposed Person (PEP) check

Ensure transparency with PEP screening, covering ~100% profiles globally.

Hyperverge ALM

Adverse media check

Cut through noise by analyzing 150M articles per month and 30k profiles updation daily.

Rated as a leader by customers and experts

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Integrate easily with APIs for smooth
and efficient AML compliance

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Custom filtering

Cut False Positives with custom DOB and country-based filtering.

Relevant name

Filter Non-Relevant profiles for Accurate AML screening.

Autonomous systems refresh entity profiles

24/7 real-time sanction screening process, PEP & adverse media updates every 7 mins.

Comprehensive profiles

Get complete risk profile including date of birth, location, and media Information.

HyperVerge ONE
for seamless, compliant
onboarding and activation

HyperVerge AML

Constant monitoring, reduced risk

Easy scheduling, AML screenings, risk assessments and automatic alerts. Simplify compliance and reduce risk.

HyperVerge AML

Stitch KYC & AML

Simplify your compliance efforts with KYC and AML integrations.

HyperVerge ONE
AML review dashboard

HyperVerge AML

Customizable filtering options

Streamline your operations and improve efficiency to achieve reduced false positives on STPs.

Other players vs HyperVerge

Comparison with competitors

How we stand out


Global coverage & compliance

Expand your global reach with 195+ countries and compliance across 10+ industry verticals.


Flexible pricing

Save up to 50% on costs with scalable pricing options, unmatched by other solutions.


Technical support

CSAT – 4.46/5 & NPS – 72% , Proactive & responsive assistance with 24/7 availability.


4-Hour integration

Easy, hassle-free integration with low-code workflow. Go live within 4 hours.


Customers love HyperVerge!

Bala Parthasarathy
Bala Parthasarathy

Bala Parthasarathy

CEO, MoneyTap

“We want to make credit much easier and faster for the larger population and not only the elite few. HyperVerge is a team of very smart people from reputed colleges in India and they have cracked the process of identity verification using Al/ML”

Rachel Nguyen
Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen

Director, CIMB Vietnam

“CIMB is proud to be associated with HyperVerge over the past year. We’ve had a phenomenal experience partnering with them for our eKYC journey.”

Krishna Mohan Vedula
Krishna Mohan Vedula

Krishna Mohan Vedula

VP Payments, MPL

“We were able to reduce the number of cases of cyber crime complaints or chargebacks after we went live with HyperVerge,”

Mahima Garg
Mahima Garg

Mahima Garg

Chief Risk Officer, slice

“Even at scale, we’ve never had escalations. Teams have resolved any issues with the HV team seamlessly. This is exactly what we want.”

Dhinesh Potnuru
Dhinesh Potnuru

Dhinesh Potnuru

Product Head, IndMoney

HyperVerge made our lives easier through the whole customer acquisition and activation process. We were achieving high business impact after we built in their solutions where there were previously very high drop-offs for the users.

Nikhil Joy
Nikhil Joy

Nikhil Joy

Head of Product, Zest Money

By using HyperVerge’s APIs, we cut short the document validation process from 8-10 mins to 10 seconds.

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