Why trust HyperVerge?

Trained on diverse facial variations and ID formats, our robust AI solutions have onboarded over 750 million users.

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Prevent illegal Access

Prevent unauthorized access

Safeguard under-age users from accessing age restricted content and shield seniors from potential fraud.

Comply Regulations

Comply with regulatory requirements

Ensure compliance with regulations by age gating age restricted products or services.

High Conversion Rate

High conversion rate

Verify a user’s age instantly with a frictionless process at a 95% approval rate.

Seamless age verification system

Onboard age-verified customers accurately in 2 simple steps
without impacting customer experience.

Step 1: ID Check OCR & Database Verification


  • Extract birth date of the user automatically from the submitted ID card for online age verification.

Database Verification

  • Verify the authenticity of the ID card, such as driver’s license, against the local central database for a foolproof process.
Step 2: Selfie Capture Face Match & Liveness Check

Face Match

  • Match the live selfie with the photo on ID document to ensure it is the same person.

Liveness Check

  • Check if the user is truly present using our iBeta-certified liveness detection solution.

Stay compliant with the legal regulations
of your industry

Enable seamless compliance globally with specialized
age verification services for all sectors.

Cannabis Cannabis
Gaming & Betting Gaming & Betting
Carsharing Carsharing
Tobacco & Alcohol Tobacco & Alcohol
Online Dating Online Dating
Adult Products Marketplaces
HyperVerge Onboarding

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Seamless Age Verification


Maximize Conversions

Ensure successful verification in the first attempt

Achieve straight-through processing rates of 95%+

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Stay Compliant

Effortlessly scale to new user segments while staying compliant

Attain compliance with GDPR, ISO, AICPA, SOC2, FATF, EU MLD, and more

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No Code User Flows

Launch age verification workflows for online business within minutes

Iterate easily till you achieve optimal customer experience

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Fraud Prevention

Stay ahead of fraudsters with best-in-class liveness & forgery checks

Verify the authenticity of the ID with the local government central database

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Significantly reduce drop-offs, manual reviews, fraud, and
compliance issues.


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Our low-code workflow saves developers' time & enables you to go live within hours.

The clarity with which HyperVerge has documented helped us make an easy choice over other vendor.


Customers love HyperVerge!


“We want to make credit much easier and faster for the larger population and not only the elite few. HyperVerge is a team of very smart people from reputed colleges in India and they have cracked the process of identity verification using Al/ML”


“CIMB is proud to be associated with HyperVerge over the past year. We’ve had a phenomenal experience partnering with them for our eKYC journey.”


“We were able to reduce the number of cases of cyber crime complaints or chargebacks after we went live with HyperVerge,”


“Even at scale, we’ve never had escalations. Teams have resolved any issues with the HV team seamlessly. This is exactly what we want.”


HyperVerge made our lives easier through the whole customer acquisition and activation process. We were achieving high business impact after we built in their solutions where there were previously very high drop-offs for the users.


By using HyperVerge’s APIs, we cut short the document validation process from 8-10 mins to 10 seconds.


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