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Challenges with Existing Solutions

  • Identity Vulnerabilities: Businesses encounter increased risks in entity identity verification without dependable KYB solutions.
  • Financial Setbacks: Absence of effective KYB tools may result in financial losses stemming from fraudulent entities.
  • Diminished Customer Trust: Insufficient KYB measures undermine customer trust, raising concerns about transaction security.
  • Regulatory Compliance Concerns: Inadequate entity verification solutions may lead to non-compliance with Indian regulatory requirements.
API Challenges

What We Offer

  • Shop Front Detection: Simplifying Merchant Onboarding, our solution verifies Business/Shop Category, Name, and Address through a single shop front image.
  • GSTN Verification: Our GST Authentication solution validates and provides details for 15-digit GST Identification Numbers (GSTIN) issued by the Goods and Service Tax Network in India.
  • Company Data Through CIN/LLPIN: The Company and LLP Master Data solution authenticates and retrieves master data for CIN, LLPIN, FCRN, and FLLPIN issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
  • Udham Aadhaar Verification: Our Udyam Aadhaar Verification solution validates and retrieves detailed information for an organization, including name, address, activity, contact details, and relevant registration data.
API Challenges

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