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Reduced customer drop off


Straight though processing


Saved in fraud losses


Authentication speed

CKYC Definition

What is CKYC?

CKYC is an initiative by Government of India. This allows customers to complete their KYC only once before interacting with multiple Financial entities.
These details can be accessed by other REs when the same customer interacts with them.

What is CKYC?

Why do you need CKYC?

One-time KYC

One-time KYC

Eliminate the need for customers to undergo repeated KYC process for different financial institutions
Reduce compliance cost

Reduce compliance cost

Reduce compliance costs and document storage costs incurred by financial institutions.
Reduce fraud risk

Reduce fraud risk

Reduce fraud risk during the early stage of transactions by identifying cases of identity thefts.
What is CKYC

What do we offer?

Businesses trust HyperVerge to deliver the most seamless customer onboarding experience while preventing frauds


Manual CKYC Process

The pain points and challenges associated with manually uploading and updating CKYC data.


Incorrect data entry

Manual data entry leads to errors, wastes time & impacts CX


Challenging batch file preparation

Difficult to follow CERSAI’s naming convention, file size limitations, etc.


Updating CERSAI operating guidelines

CERSAI’s constant modification to the CKYC process requires system updates

How do we Simplify the process

HyperVerge Automation

Automate CKYC steps 1, 2, and 4 with HyperVerge One. Reduce processing time and eliminate manual data entry for a more streamlined, efficient experience.

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Step 1

Preparation of batch File

Pipe separated txt file is prepared by following CERSAI’s rules

Step 2

Upload on CERSAI Portal

The prepared batch file is uploaded on the CKYC portal through SFTP

Step 3

Checker Admin approval

The checker admin reviews the uploaded data and approves it

Step 4

Manually check for response

Check for approval or error messages from CERSAI for the uploaded files

Step 5

Error rectification and reupload

Rectify the errors in the batch files & re-upload it to the CKYC registry


How do we solve these problems

Transform your business. Our solutions help businesses save time and resources, with an average processing time of less than 5 seconds.

Comprehensive Stack

A comprehensive stack that can access CKYC records, upload/ update data and has error resolution

Best-In-Class Dashboard

Track record statuses (pending, uploaded, success, failures) and pending actions for complete visibility

Automatic Updates

A cloud-based solution that enables clients to push out updates & patches without any manual intervention from their side.

Intelligent AI Layer

An intelligent AI and ever-evolving validation layer to reduce post-update errors

Complete Orchestration

A complete orchestrated flow that automates all the steps required in a CKYC process, removing the possibility of any manual error.

Real-Time Notification

Automated notifications to alert administrators/officials upon completion of selected processes

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HomeCredit uses HyperVerge OCR to reduce error rate to 5%


Lower error rates

1/3 Lower

Application process time


Even at the dealer’s end and in today’s scenario where our dealer is processing the application, these two things- Uptime and reduction in error rates were the game-changers for us

Avail Finance leveraged HyperVerge Tech to remove manual KYC bottleneck

<1 sec

KYC TAT reduced from 2-3 hours to under 1 sec


Drop-offs and thus lower cost of customer acquistion


HyperVerge technology just works. So you don’t really have to be complaining about anything or think about anything new. As long as Hyperverge Tech is there, It just works fine. And if there is any issue, we have a bunch of folks who are always willing to help us out


Our identity verification solutions meet the highest compliance standards.