What do we offer?

Fetch digitally signed, tamper-proof financial statements easily

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Financial Information

Enable users to have more control over what personal or financial Information they want to share and who they want to share it with

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Consent Capture

Capture explicit one time or periodic consent of the user to access financial information in a compliant manner

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Account Linking

Support linking of deposit accounts, insurance accounts, mutual funds accounts and equities accounts and other financial information types supported by AA ecosystem

Customer LTV is lost due to drop-offs and frauds

HyperVerge AI Solutions High Drop-offs arrow

High drop-off rates in Net Banking based statement fetch flows

HyperVerge AI Solutions Privacy-Conscious arrow

Conscious consumers who are wary of data being collected during acquisition flows

HyperVerge AI Solutions Fraudulent Activities arrow

Sophisticated document tampering and fraud attempts lead to bad quality activations


Increase conversion and reduce friction with Account Aggregator

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Use Cases

Income Proof Validation during F&O onboarding
Loan monitoring for early warning signals and reducing non-performing assets/loan defaults
Income estimation of policy holder to offer discounts on insurance premiumsAvoiding fraud and increasing transparency during policy information declaration by the customer
Tracking finances, creating financial plans and achieving financial goals

Why Choose HyperVerge?

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Improved Conversions

Minimise manual efforts, optimise conversions

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard for identifying points of drop-off

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play module for easy integration

High Security

Foolproof system with digital signatures of banks and FIPs

HyperVerge AI Solutions

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