What do we offer?

A comprehensive suite to setup mandates for recurring payments using E-NACH and UPI Autopay.

HyperVerge AI Solutions


Maximum debit limit of ₹1 Crore per month. Can be setup using NetBanking/Debit Card.

HyperVerge AI Solutions

UPI Autopay

Maximum debit limit of ₹2 Lakh per month. Can be setup by entering UPI ID.

High friction and TAT with existing solutions

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Managing recurring payments entails visiting the provider's office or using online banking for each repayment.

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Risk of missing payments if the user forgot to make the payment on time.

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Paper NACH to set up automatic repayments requires manually filling and submitting form, taking 15-30 days.


Make recurring payments easily with Auto-Debits

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Use Cases

BNPL: Monthly due balance repaymentsCredit Cards: Monthly credit card bill repayment
Personal Loans / Gold Loans: Loan repayments for short-term loans
Term / Health Insurance: Long-term insurance premiumsGeneral Insurance: Short-term insurance premiums
Monthly SIPs for stocks and mutual funds

Why Choose HyperVerge?

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play module for easy integration

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Optimise Journey

Access to Analytics and Workflow Builder to measure drop-off rates and optimise journey accordingly

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Create your own Custom Journey

Choose between either of E-NACH and UPI Autopay and create custom journeys

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