What do we offer?

A comprehensive suite that caters to all the steps involved in the
Aadhaar OTP eSign journey.

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Detection of ESP downtimes

Automatically detect downtimes and redirect users to another ESP automatically

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Name authentication

Aadhaar Name authentication is performed before eSign execution to minimize frauds

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Backup vendors

Integration with backup vendors such as NSDL/ Protean, Verasys and CDSL to ensure minimal drop offs

High user drop-offs with existing solutions

HyperVerge AI Solutions Downtimes arrow

Downtimes of eSign Service Provider results in drop-offs

HyperVerge AI Solutions Validation arrow

OTP delivery delays lead to incomplete validation

HyperVerge AI Solutions Identity Fraud arrow

Misuse of Aadhaar or stolen OTP leads to identity fraud


Convert more users at the
Aadhaar eSign step
during KYC

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Use Cases

eSign KYC forms for KRA uploadDDPI Documents
Attestation of OVDsKRA Document Signing
Loan against shares documentationSub-broker appointment agreements
e-Sign of Demat Account Opening Forms for UCC generation and activation with NSE, BSE
Loan agreement signingAttestation of OVDs
Bulk agreement e-Sign initiation from excelAgreement e-Stamping

Why Choose HyperVerge?

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Back-Up Vendors

Multiple fallback opts & backup vendors to minimize drop-offs.

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Easy Integration

Plug and Play module for easy integration.

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Name Verification

Aadhaar name matches against signee's to prevent fraud.

Customize your own
Fallback Order

Order of fallbacks can be customized as per client’s preference or by uptime SLAs.

HyperVerge AI Solutions

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