What do we offer?

An all-in-one solution processing bank statements and restricting bad actors

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Bank Statement Upload

Fetch bank details and check for fraud using the bank statement uploaded

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Expenses Categorization

Classify expenses in the statement into different category types along with their percentage share of the total number of transactions

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Transactions Tracking

Enlist all transactions mentioned in the statement

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Salary Validation

Identify the salary of the individual

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Recurring Transactions Identification

Fetch the recurring transactions of the user

High friction and TAT with existing solutions

HyperVerge AI Solutions Income Validation arrow

High friction to validate income due to poor OCR capabilities

HyperVerge AI Solutions Financial Analysis arrow

Hard to analyse debit bounces and loans taken


Analyse all aspects of a bank statement to identify fraud

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Use Cases

BNPL: Income validation and checking for existing loans/auto-debitsCredit Cards: Income validation, checking for existing loans/auto-debits, spending categories
Personal Loans/Gold Loans: Income validation, checking spending history
Term Insurance: Decide maximum insurance amount (IRDAI mandates maximum 25x of annual income)Health Insurance: Checking spending history
General Insurance: Checking spending history, Income validation, overall analysis
Income Validation for F&O trading (SEBI mandated)

Why Choose HyperVerge?

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Unified Access

Access to all modes of bank statement analysis with one integration

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard for identifying points of drop-off

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play module for easy integration

Spending Behaviour and Credit Worthiness

Validate the spending behaviour of a user to check if they are credit-worthy

HyperVerge AI Solutions

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How does bank statement analysis benefit different industries like securities, lending, and insurance?

What challenges do businesses face with bank statement analysis, and how does our solution address them?

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