What do we offer?

A comprehensive suite for effortless income validation with smooth user experience

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Bank Statement Fetch

Easily fetch user's bank statement through account aggregator or PDF upload

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Bank Statement Analysis

Extracts insights from bank statement like salary, categories of expenses, transactions, EMIs, auto-debits, etc.

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Document OCR & Validation

Extract and verify data from docs such as salary slip, form 16/16A, ITR Copy, etc.

High user friction with existing solutions

HyperVerge AI Solutions Back-and-Forth arrow

Manual process with high agent-user back-and-forth

HyperVerge AI Solutions Drop-offs arrow

Increase in user drop-offs due to high approval times

HyperVerge AI Solutions Document Support arrow

Limited documents supported at the time of upload


Increase conversions with automated income validation

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Use Cases

Creation of F&O DEMAT account
Underwriting for loan approvals
Underwriting for insurance coverDiscounts on insurance premium

Why Choose HyperVerge?

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Auto Validation

Reduced TAT with automated validation process

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Revive Instantly

Whatsapp nudges to re-engage dropped-off users

HyperVerge AI Solutions

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard for identifying points of drop-off

Access to Dual Verification Suites

Access to both income validation and bank statement analysis modules

HyperVerge AI Solutions

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What are the challenges of traditional Income Validation methods?

How can Income Validation be faster and more efficient?

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