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Challenges with Existing Solutions

  • Regulatory Compliance: Not being able to simplifying automated compliance checks.
  • Fraud Prevention: Unable to address the challenge of immediate fraud detection.
  • Data Security: Not being able to identify vulnerabilities and inability to implement proactive measures for robust security.
  • Interoperability: Unable to integrate multiple solutions effortlessly for enhanced system compatibility.
API Challenges

What We Offer

  • Digilocker with Analytics: The Digilocker Credentials solution efficiently manages and stores client ID and key for Digilocker partners. It also facilitates seamless updates for existing records within HyperVerge's database.
  • CKYC Data Validation: The CKYC Validation solution assesses user information from the central KYC registry, providing responses categorized as Approve, Review, or Reject.
  • CKYC Upload: The CKYC Upload solution streamlines the process of uploading user KYC details to the Central KYC Registry.
  • CKYC Update: The CKYC Update solution simplifies the process of updating user KYC details within the Central KYC Registry.
  • Video KYC: The Video KYC module ensures user authenticity through a video verification process conducted by an agent.
  • KRA KYC Search, Download & Upload: The KRA solution efficiently checks and retrieves user details from the database. It supports download for existing PAN numbers and facilitates KYC with Upload for new records.
API Challenges

Input and Output

ID card OCR api

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