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Challenges with Existing Solutions

  • Downtimes leading to high drop-offs.
  • No fallback options in place.
  • Low accuracy and complicated workflow for wet signature.
  • Multiple steps leading to poor user experience.
API Challenges

What We Offer

  • Aadhaar OTP eSign: Aadhaar based e-signature allows users to sign digitally using their Aadhaar credentials and OTP.
  • Wet Signature Capture: Users can initiate wet signature by uploading the photo of their signature. This process is a part of the Digilocker workflow.
  • Signature Detection: We have integration that detect if a signature is present in a document.
  • Signature Matching: This integration is used to match user signatures with signatures in the backend to avoid instances of fraud.
API Challenges

Input and Output

Integration Made Easy

HyperVerge Integration

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HyperVerge Integration

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HyperVerge Integration

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HyperVerge Integration

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HyperVerge Integration

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