A Complete Guide on Online Student ID Verification

With the help of an ID verification service institutions can verify the identity of students using a photo. To know more about online student id verification, click here.

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Student verification has become an essential aspect of education in today’s digital age. With online learning becoming more prevalent, universities and educational institutions are taking additional measures to ensure the authenticity of their students.

In this blog post, we will discuss what student id verification is and how it is better than traditional methods.

What is Online Student ID Verification?

As the name tells, online student identity verification is a method that does not require the physical presence of the student or the institution’s professionals. With the help of an ID verification service provider such as HyperVerge, institutions can accurately carry out student verification using photographs or recorded videos.

Why is Online Student ID Verification Essential Today?

With more and more institutions moving online, especially the ones offering higher education, it is becoming easier to forge IDs and fool authorities. Several times, underage or overage individuals sign up for courses illegally and manage to get certification by exploiting loopholes, which acts as a disadvantage for genuine students.

For such institutions (that offer online education or have numerous remote students), effective online student verification services act as a reliable method for verifying students’ identities.

Let us learn more about the benefits of online student ID verification.

Why is Online Student ID Verification Better?

Here is why online student verification is the future and better than physical identity verification:

  1. Remote and Instant Verification

Offline verification requires a lot of time and usually cannot be completed if the students live far from the institution.

However, location is not a barrier to online ID verification. Students can be verified regardless of their location, and that too, almost instantly, reducing the turnaround time by around 90%. All the student needs is an active internet connection and a smartphone, which are not hard to come by.

  1. Near-Zero Margin of Error

Smart AI-based ID verification systems use artificial intelligence to verify the government-issued IDs uploaded by students against official records ensuring 100% accuracy and almost an error margin. This way, the probability of students fooling the institutes will drop substantially.

  1. Better Data Security

ID verification procedures involve confidential information such as mailing address, age, name, and other details. Such information needs to be processed and stored carefully, which paper-based ID verification methods cannot do.

However, online student verification systems securely store and process all the data and offer access to only authorized entities. Also, ID verification service providers such as HyperVerge are GDPR compliant, further adding to the security.

  1. More Affordable 

Physical ID verification requires a lot of paperwork, and if it is to be done remotely, the authorities must visit the student and even courier the documents once the verification is done. Even after that, the documents must be stored securely, which adds to the cost.

However, institutions can significantly cut these costs by opting for a digital student ID verification system which is both affordable and fast.

  1. Seamless Experience

Physical verification can be quite tough for the students, especially if they are ill, busy, or just mentally strained because of the curriculum. However, an online verification system has no such concerns. The online procedure takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. This way, online ID verification offers students a hassle-free and seamless experience.

How can HyperVerge Help?

HyperVerge is an end-to-end identity verification services provider using which institutions can perform student ID verification with utmost accuracy within 60 seconds. Our single image passive liveness technology allows institutes to deliver a better experience to students that requires only selfie verification and not any video or weird gestures. Moreover, HyperVerge supports almost all smartphones and works just fine, even on a 2G internet connection.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a custom demo now and learn more about how HyperVerge can help you.


Why is student identity verification important?

Student identity verification is important for educational institutions as it helps them ensure that only genuine individuals enroll in the courses and the system is fair for everyone.

How long does it take for student identity verification?

The answer to this question depends on the type of identity verification solution the institute uses. For instance, if an institute is using HyperVerge, it would take anywhere between a few seconds to 2-3 minutes to verify a student.

Should educational institutes opt for online ID verification?

Yes, definitely. Online ID verification system offers nothing but benefits. It is fast, more accessible, accurate, easier to maintain, affordable, and, most importantly, secure as compared to an offline ID verification solution.

Are all online student ID verification service providers reliable?

Nope. Businesses must put in decent research and compare different service providers before choosing the right one. Here are some things businesses can consider to make an informed decision: Requirements for the solution to work (smartphone, internet, etc.) 1. Affordability 2. Processing speed (the faster, the better) 3. Accuracy 4. Ease of Integration 5. Customer Support

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