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RBI compliant Video KYC for REs - Banks, NBFCs, Wallets, Neobanks, etc. Representative can call and verify identity on video call. AI driven OCR, Face match and liveness.

HyperVerge Video KYC

The HyperVerge Video KYC solution rests on the RE's domain as per regulation and supports all mandatory requirements. Further, we use our AI engines to augment the process and make it robust.

Aadhaar XML support

Offline Aadhaar XML based customer verification with checks to support complaince (<3 days old) as part of main workflow.

Video Geo-tagging

Customer location (Geo-location) and timestamp are embedded in the video. Location is checked to be within India as per regulation.

PAN Verification

Image of customer holding PAN is checked for clarity, and PAN details are checked against NSDL database.

AI Driven OCR

High accuracy AI driven OCR to read and match ID card information. All valid PAN formats supported.

AI Driven Liveness

Real-time liveness check to ensure customer is actually present (no photo of photo) and real document is actually shown (no digital copy).

AI Powered Facematch

AI based facematch checks customer photo with PAN and Aadhaar photo with accurary >99% even in low bandwidths.

More than an API / SDK

Our customers pick us because we take an effort to understand their business problems and solve them. We don't blindly sell our SDK / API.

"HyperVerge has delivered way more than we expected. They delivered very quickly and proved that their solution can operate at scale."

- Kiran Thomas
President, Reliance Industries Ltd.

"We not only got to use their high quality technology and customize it but also it was done in a rapid time with a high quality output."

- Kalidas Ghose
CEO and Vice-Chairman, FE Credit

Why did our clients pick HyperVerge as a partner?

We're fortunate to have some amazing clients like Jio, Bajaj Finserv, ICICI, FE Credit, etc. We asked them why they picked us. Here's what they said:

  • HyperVerge solutions work at scale.
  • Accuracy of AI is highest among competitors.
  • Instead of selling an API / SDK, HyperVerge actually solved the core business problem.
  • The speed of execution for the project was very high.

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