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The HyperVerge Fintech stack uses cutting edge AI with high accuracy deployed at scale. 280 million customers onboarded last year. 110 million last quarter. 38 million last month. 10 million peak API hits/day.

The HyperVerge Fintech Platform

Using the HyperVerge Fintech Platform, future focussed fintech companies can leverage AI to go from lead to customer in less than 5 minutes.

Digital and Video KYC

Compliant Digital and Video KYC systems. Includes highly accurate ID digitalisation (OCR), facematch and liveness plus a host of quality and fraud checks.

Dedupe Fraud Check

Applicant data + face is checked against millions of existing customers. Bad actors (i.e. fraudsters) are immediately recognized and flagged off.

Database Verification

ID cards are checked against central databases. Processes are digitised and identity and data is cross-checked before providing any financial services.

HyperVerge Labs

The HyperVerge Fintech Platform solves a variety of problems with AI. And our engineers are always hungry to solve more. Have a problem? Let us know.

More than an API / SDK

Our customers pick us because we take an effort to understand their business problems and solve them. Here are some use cases we already solve for:

Digital KYC with face biometric

Cut / avoid KYC and document verification opex. Reduce TAT. Comply with new regulations for KYC.

Robo-lending deployment

Hit the ground running. Process applications in real-time. Scale quickly, with control on frauds.

Transformation of Legacy platforms

Decrease Opex. Eliminate human errors. Stop customer / agent fraud. Uncover legacy fraud. Reduce TAT.

Sell to customers without credit score

Use AI on customer data to assess risk for customers without credit score. Access new customers.

A global leader in scale

Organisations trust us because we have deployed accurate AI solutions for large scale applications. When they want to disrupt the market, they prefer to go with a partner who can handle the risk at scale. Some numbers:

  • 99.5% - accuracy on facematch
  • 38 million per month - customer onboarding
  • 110 million per quarter - customer onboarding
  • 10 million per day - API calls

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the work we've done for our clients, and the business impact we have delivered:

AI transformation
FE Credit

Vietnam's largest consumer lender FE Credit (10 million customers) increased sales, stopped fraud, and decreased costs by using HyperVerge AI to transform their legacy platform and launch robo-lending.

Digital KYC
Reliance Jio

In September, due to regulatory changes, private telecom companies were denied access to the Aadhar eKYC stack. Jio switched to HyperVerge KYC and gained another 100 million subscribers in 2019.


KrazyBee provides loans to aspirational college students who don't have a credit score and thus can't access the traditional lending system. The online system uses HyperVerge KYC to keep TAT, and costs, low.

"HyperVerge has delivered way more than we expected. They delivered very quickly and proved that their solution can operate at scale."

- Kiran Thomas
President, Reliance Industries Ltd.

"We not only got to use their high quality technology and customize it but also it was done in a rapid time with a high quality output."

- Kalidas Ghose
CEO and Vice-Chairman, FE Credit

Why did our clients pick HyperVerge as a partner?

We're fortunate to have some amazing clients like Jio, Bajaj Finserv, ICICI, FE Credit, etc. We asked them why they picked us. Here's what they said:

  • HyperVerge solutions work at scale.
  • Accuracy of AI is highest among competitors.
  • Instead of selling an API / SDK, HyperVerge actually solved the core business problem.
  • The speed of execution for the project was very high.

What business problem can we solve for you today?