What is Passport Number Verification?

Passport number verification is the process of verifying the authenticity of a passport’s details.

A passport is a document issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). It acts as a proof of identity. Passport number verification is the process of verifying the passport’s details. It helps to confirm the individual’s identity, nationality, and age. Many enterprises, organizations, employers, industries, and institutions frequently use this process to verify the identity of people.

Why is Passport Number Verification Necessary?

  • Passport verification validates the identity of a person by verifying the details on a passport.
  • There are regulatory requirements for passport verification in several businesses, including banking, finance, and travel, for security concerns.
  • It can serve as identification documentation for employee onboarding.
  • It prevents identity theft, money laundering, and terrorism financing.

How Does Passport Verification OCR Work?

The text from passport images is identified and extracted by optical character recognition. Here’s a general view of how it works:

  • Capturing an image of the passport
  • Enhancing the clarity and quality of the image
  • Identifying regions containing text and segmenting individual characters
  • Utilizing visual features or machine learning algorithms to recognize characters within the segmented regions.
  • Converting the recognized characters into a digital format.
  • Presenting the extracted information for further verification.
  • Comparing the retrieved information with records in the passport database.

The following information is usually extracted

  • Passport holder’s name
  • Passport number
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)
  • and more.
Passport OCR API

How Does Passport Verification API Work?

Passport OCR and Passport Verification are the two parts of the Passport number verification API. The text in the passport image is recognized and extracted using the Passport OCR API. The passport verification API verifies that information.

Here’s how it works:

1. Integration: Integrate Passport OCR and Passport Verification API into your system or application using unique API keys

2. Data Input and Request: Provide the passport image to the Passport OCR API. The extracted details such as passport number and other relevant information are given as input for passport verification API.

3. OCR Processing: Passport OCR utilizes advanced AI and OCR algorithms to extract text from the passport image.

4. Verification Query: Passport Verification queries authorized databases to validate the extracted details against the passport record database.

5. Verification Result: Based on the information obtained from the query, Passport Verification generates a verification result indicating the validity of the passport details.

6. Response: The API sends back the verification result to the requesting system. This response can be in various formats such as JSON, XML, or plain text, depending on the API specifications.

7. Action: Depending on the verification result received, the requesting system or application can take appropriate actions. For example, if the passport details are valid, further processing can continue. If there are discrepancies or issues detected, additional steps such as manual review may be required.

Challenges with Existing Solutions

  • Inadequate OCR training leads to difficulties in identifying various OVD templates.
  • Low accuracy disrupts Straight-Through Processing (STP), thus increasing manual reviews
  • Manually inputting Aadhar numbers causes friction and drop-offs
  • Long onboarding journeys result in high drop-off rates.
  • Complex workflows and verification retries increase operational complexity.
  • Manual verification processes contribute to lengthy Turnaround Times (TAT).

HyperVerge’s passport number Verification API

Here’s how HyperVerge’s passport number OCR and verification API make the process smooth:

Central Database Verification

Authenticating information through government-recognized central databases.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Requesting minimal and straightforward user inputs to minimize friction during onboarding.

Decreased Manual Workload

Automating the verification process entirely with multiple fallback options to reduce Turnaround Time (TAT).

Advanced OCR Capabilities

Utilizing our advanced AI engine with top-notch OCR capabilities that function seamlessly across all OVD templates.

Real-time Document Detection

Real-time identification of unclear documents, cropped edges, document vitality, grayscale documents, etc.

Highly Accurate OCR Solution

Offering highly dependable OCR software with an AI accuracy rate of 99.5%, thus improving Straight-Through Processing (STP) rates.

passport verification API

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