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The HyperVerge Geospatial stack uses cutting edge AI to deliver actionable insights from petabytes of geospatial data in near real-time.

The HyperVerge Geospatial Platform

The HyperVerge Geospatial platform uses AI in the identification of assets of interest in the world along with where changes are happening across the world to enable leading commercial defense and commercial organisations to move from finding insights to taking actions.

  • HyperVerge has processed more than 2M sq km of satellite imagery
  • High-accuracy global model for agile change detection
  • Assets of interest identified across energy and defense sectors with a 99.5% accuracy

Asset Identification

Our AI models are equipped to detect assets of interest such as energy infrastructure, well pads, vehicles, etc. in an agile manner with a 99%+ accuracy.

Case Study: We created a digital twin of energy infrastructure of a region providing a one-stop solution for renewable developers and utilities.

Case Study Demo

Change Detection

Our global models for change detection can analyze a temporal stack of images to identify changes in roads, buildings, locations of tanks, airplanes, etc. with an extremely high accuracy.

Case Study: Working with a top European satellite imagery provider, our Change Detection solution can identify changes in infrastructure across the globe with a high accuracy. This is of high value in defense, local governments and for the energy sector.


Why did our partners pick HyperVerge?

Organisations trust us because we deploy accurate AI solutions for large scale applications.

  • 2M+ sq km of satellite imagery processed and counting
  • 99% accuracy achieved in asset detection at the scale of countries
  • Synthetic data generation to detect sensitive assets with a high accuracy
  • Flexible deployment to accommodate clients across defense, energy and other commercial sectors

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