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The HyperAppraisal AI solution helps local governments in high-accuracy, automated land parcel change detection for property tax appraisal.

The HyperAppraisal AI Solution

Local governments can go from aerial images to priortized land parcels with changes and having a high impact on the property tax roll in no time.

High Accuracy Change Detection

Parcel change detection what works at a 99% accuracy to eliminate the false positives and only show the high-value changes.

Faster Analysis

Get results delivered in a couple of weeks and ensure timely appraisals as well as revenue recognition.

Fair & Equitable Assessment

Do not miss out on the changes without permits to ensure the tax burden is justly distributed and the assessment is fair and equitable.

Ease of Integration

Get the results integrated into existing desktop review systems or access them as APIs or as an Excel file.

HyperAppraisal Platform

Our AI models are equipped to changes in land parcels, prioritize the changes based on impact on the property tax collected and allow appraisers to focus on the most important changes

Blog: Read how HyperAppraisal can help your county solve important problems during the appraisal.

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Our Advisors

Meet some of the top industry leaders who are on the HyperVerge advisory board, lending invaluable guidance.

Dr. Ray O Johnson
ex-CTO Lockheed Martin
Murali Narayanan
Advisor, Dallas Venture Partners
Scott Winter
National Instructor, IAAO
Cassie Vargas
Vargas Solutions

Why did our partners pick HyperVerge?

Organisations trust us because we deploy accurate AI solutions for large scale applications.

  • 2M+ sq km of satellite imagery processed and counting
  • 99% accuracy achieved in asset detection at the scale of countries
  • Synthetic data to detect sensitive assets with high accuracy
  • Flexible deployment to accommodate clients across defense, local government, energy and other commercial sectors

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Latest News

HyperVerge has onboarded Scott Winter as a mentor. Scott has more than 30 years of experience in the appraisal field. He has been a national instructor for the IAAO for the last 14+ years and has also been an adjunct professor at Waukesha County technical College.

HyperVerge is happy to announce the onboarding of Ms. Cassie Vargas, CEO Vargas Solutions, as a Channel Partner. Cassie has around a decade’s experience working in the Gov tech space. Over the last six years, Vargas Solutions has been the implementation partner for Patriot Properties.