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Challenges with Existing Solutions

  • Limited database coverage leading to potential gaps in FIR record checks.
  • Delays in updating FIR records, hindering real-time accuracy in the screening process.
  • Instances where the API fails to detect an active FIR record, leading to potential oversight.
  • Complex integration processes with existing systems, causing operational disruptions.
API Challenges

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive database coverage ensures thorough screenings.
  • Enhanced accuracy minimizes the risk of false negatives.
  • Seamless integration simplifies operations with existing systems.
API Challenges

Input and Output

FIR Record Check API

Integration Made Easy

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What is the FIR Record Check

What is the purpose of conducting an FIR record check?

How frequently should FIR record checks be performed?

Is an FIR record check the same as a criminal background check?