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HyperInsights Season 2
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HyperInsights Season 2

HyperInsights Season 2: The New Normal - Part webinar, part talkshow, it's a web-show in which Kedar speaks to BFSI experts every Saturday morning at 11AM.

Part webinar, part talkshow, HyperInsights is a web-show. Every Saturday morning at 11am, our CEO, Kedar, speaks to CxOs and industry experts to gather insights relevant to the BFSI industry.

Promotional video for HyperInsights S2: The New Normal

HyperInsights S2: The New Normal

In season 1, we focussed on lending. In season 2, we focus on the new normal. To explain why, we present this old folktale to you:

A caravan brings an elephant to a village for a show. The villagers have never seen an elephant. The night before the show, six curious villagers sneak into the elephant's tent. It is dark and they can't see anything. So they start to feel the animal.

One of them feels the trunk and says, "It's like a thick snake." Another touches a leg, "It's got a trunk like a tree." Yet another gets to an ear, "It's like a fan." The villager who touches the body thinks it's like a wall. Another tugs at the tail and imagines the elephant to be like a rope. And the final villager touches the elephant's tusk. In his mind, the elephant is hard and smooth.

The villagers laugh at how foolish the other one is and in some versions of this story, they end up fighting each other. If only they had listened to each other and understood that the reality is the sum of their experiences.

A strange new beast called "The New Normal" is upon us. Each of us has felt it in some way. If we share our thoughts, we will be able to figure out what this beast is like. Do join the mailing list so we can email you with specifics of the show.