“Artificial Intelligence is already breaking barriers and is positioned to break many more.”

Deep Learning is pushing borders in the fields on computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition.

Convolutional Neural Networks

Inspired by the human visual system, convolutional neural networks involve neurons which learn from vast amounts of image data, to be able to recognize, classify and process new images.

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Our Technology Modules

Proprietary and Patent Pending Image Engines

Face detection

A two step process: 1) Confirm the presence of aface. 2) Find its location in the image.

Face Recognition

Faces of the same person are recognized,matched and clustered together.

Scene Recognition

It's a high level vision task where the machine is trained.to recognize the context of where the image was taken e.g beach, party, market etc.

Photo Quality Analysis

The quality of the image is analysed based on the brightness, contrast, blur, tilt, other aesthetics and social parameters, to help weed out the bad photos.

Duplicate photo detection

We take 45 photos to get the perfect shot. This module detects identical and near identical photos, making it easy to clear up space or a create a collection.

Photo Clustering

Photo clustering is a semantic photo engine that clusters photos of the same event together for easy creation of albums, onetap sharing etc.

Photo Album Summarization

Make your albums short, sweet and sharable. Photo album summarization picks out the best photos that represent your entire album.

Face Enhancement

Automatically enhances (based on various visual cues) and reduces blemishes in faces in photos

Photo Enhancement

Photo enhancement ensures near lossless compression of the image while optimizing, enhancing the photos based on aesthetics and photographic cues