HyperVerge Labs

Volunteer-driven vision and machine learning projects

HyperVerge Labs

Volunteer driven vision and machine learning projects.

HyperVerge Labs team has executed projects across diverse areas such as apps, manufacturing, advertising, security and entertainment. Though these projects form a small part of our core business, the motives behind them are experimentation and empowerment.

It is a creative space for our team to think beyond all boundaries. At HyperVerge Labs, you can experiment without fear, build without concern and help people for no reason. HyperVerge Labs team in past has developed several low cost cost alternatives for expensive technologies.

HyperVerge Labs creates excellent synergies between our technical team and industries/individual that need support. The spirit of volunteering ensures that any project of any size can still find an interested HyperVerge team member. While industries benefit from the solution/advise, our team connects deeply to our core value – Empowering people using technology.

Portfolio / Case Studies

Overhead Line Inspection System Machine Vision

Our Overhead Line Inspection System is an autonomous system when mounted on locomotives gives detailed reports regarding the alignment of the overhead line and automatically alerts for the sections that need maintenance

Case study
Food Processing Machine Vision

Beginning of 2014, HyperVerge pilot tested inspection systems for biscuits. Our high­speed on­line inspection system is able to process more than 2500 biscuits / minute

Case study
Augmented Reality Platform Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality Platform is a delivery tool to seamlessly deliver 3D models and other content to mobile devices. The system is scalable allowing our service partners to serve individuals as well as large media houses.

Case study
Human Computer Interface (HCI) Machine Learning

Human Computer Interface allows a human to intuitively interact with a machine. We use hand tracking and gesture recognition to use hand gestures to communicate with a computer for applications such as gaming, navigation, etc.

Case study
License Plate Recognition System Machine Learning

Our License Plate Recognition system is trained to give the highest realtime accuracy in detection across the diverse fonts used in Indian license plates, while optimising the hardware costs.

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