Augmented Reality Platform

Computer Vision, Machine Learning on Cloud, Vision Stack on Cloud, Augmented Reality

Project Description

Augmented reality is the art of augmenting virtual entities to information from the real world and enabling interaction with these virtual world elements. This technology, if deployed right, can create rich and immersive user experience.

The power of this technology lies in its high user engagement. This provides the pathway for new and innovative forms of advertising, entertainment and collaboration tools. A user can now view a product in 3D, rotate it and view it from different angles and interact with it in many other ways.


  • High speed on-the-go inspection
  • Bake quality, cracks, cream area, cream percentages
  • Intelligent diagnostics and remote support to ensure minimum downtime
  • Customized reporting and online dashboards
  • Scope to integrate additional sensing devices to get a more comprehensive view on the process
  • Our systems are expected to inspect 192,240,000,000 biscuits every year.

Cloud-based delivery of 3D models



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