We Are HyperVerge

Our Image Recognition technology analyzes images to identify people, places, scenes, events, documents, objects and image quality. Our mission is to help users discover, find and share memories they care about in seconds.

285,652,200 images recognized, still counting


Face Recognition

Faces of the same person are recognized,matched and clustered together.

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Scene Recognition

It's a high level vision task where the machine is trained to recognize the context of where the image was taken; e.g beach, party, market etc.

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Photo Clustering

Photo clustering is a semantic photo engine that clusters photos of the same event together for easy creation of albums, one-tap sharing etc.

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Photo Quality Analysis

The quality of the image is analysed based on the brightness, contrast, blur, tilt, other aesthetics and social parameters, to help weed out the bad photos.

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Photo Enhancement

Photo enhancement ensures near lossless compression of the image while optimizing, enhancing the photos based on aesthetics and photographic cues

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Explore Other Modules

To explore the full technology stack and see how you can unlock the power of HyperVerge's modules for your organization, visit our Technology page by clicking below.


HyperVerge Labs

HyperVerge Labs is a creative space for team members to participate in voluntary projects within or outside the company. The motivation being experimentation, we encourage team members to experiment without fear and build without concern.

Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality Platform is a delivery tool to seamlessly deliver 3D models and other content to mobile devices. The system is scalable allowing our service partners to serve individuals as well as large media houses.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. Our Human Computer Interface (HCI) projects, as well as our technology stack use machine learning.

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Machine Vision

Our Machine Vision projects have involved imaging based automatic inspection of biscuit quality with ITC and license plate recognition.

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